Education Coordinator

Young Dancers in Repertory Inc.


Young Dancers in Repertory's Out of School Time Program @ PS127
7805 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11228


Central New York



Job Type:


Specific Days Needed:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Minimum Hours/Week:

12 hours/week

Number of Available Positions:


Maximum Hours/Week:

12 hours/week

Public Transportation:

Train ("R" train to 4th avenue, Brooklyn)

Minimum Education:

Bachelors but Masters preferred in Education

Area of Focus:

Academic Support/Homework Help

Job Description:

The Educational Coordinator will be one of two employees responsible for the overall provision of academic supports provided to students in the Upper or Lower School, respectively, attending the OST program. Educational Coordinator helps to link the school-day and after-school by working closely with school personnel, parents and OST staff. Sustaining a safe, inclusive environment where children flourish is an essential contribution. Educational Coordinator reports to the OST Program Director.
Ø Write and implement curricula and lesson plans that align out-of-school time activities with school day learning.
Ø Collaborate with OST Program Director to train OST program staff in curricula and activities.
Ø Extend and reinforce school day learning by conducting literacy and educational instruction groups.
Ø Communicate routinely with school-day teachers to determine student assignments, upcoming tests, projects and classroom lerning
Ø Provide focused homework help towards building students’ understanding and interest.
Ø Help students feel successful by providing explicit positive feedback and support with emphasis on gains.
Ø Assess and discuss student progress, learning needs, assets and skills in ‘student reviews’.
Ø Participate in School Leadership Team and, YDR-OST Senior Review Team; assess program data as part of YDR-OST continuous quality improvement efforts.
Ø Sustain ongoing communication about student progress with OST staff, school day teachers and families.



How to Apply:

Submit cover letter and resume to the attention of Email:

To the Attention of:

Nicole Reinosa

Required Skills/Experience:


·         Exemplary oral and written communication skills
·         BA or Masters Degree in related Education
·         At least two years relevant experience working with children in an educational or OST setting
·         Experience assessing children’s academic levels and learning needs and writing curricula
·         Administrative and Supervisory Experience
·         Excellent organizational skills
·         Skills working with varied ethnic and cultural populations
·         English/second language preferred